Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say Bye-Bye to dark blemishes and uneven Skin tones the healthy way

Lemons a natural Cleanser ....

Taking something sour and enjoying its  sweet remedies!
Save money by using your fruit. Its really simple  
but there are many techniques. I like to used it as an exfoliant. Lemon juice, due to its acidic nature, is a natural exfoliant. How I use lemons on my skin is quick, easy, and painless. 1st I cut the lemon in half. One half I will use to squeeze to obtain the juice from the lemon.The other half I cut up into about 1" slices. I start with my slices on a prep clean face and gently rub the slice all over on my face. I may do this for 3 days in a roll then take a break. If you like you can focus only on your blemishes or your entire face. I choose the entire face because your also removing dead skin cells which will promote in new healthy skin cells surfacing. Allow the juice from the lemon to dry then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Next you will take the lemon juice you squeeze out from the other half of your lemon. The juice should be in a small bowl of some kind. What I like to do is add half a tablespoon or so of sugar to the juice. WHY??? you ask ...No your not going to drink it but your now going to use the juice as a facial scrub. The lemon scrub I only do every 3 to 4 weeks. You don't want to over do it on your sensitive skin. Over exfoliating can cause more damage to your skin so be gentle. Once you use the juice on your entire face rinse again with lukewarm water and moisture with your normal routine. Any leftover lemons I use in my garbage disposal , it gives off a natural fresh sent. Happy Cleansing try it and let me know how it works out for you or if you have a different technique please share!!!

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How to market and advertise yourself as a makeup artist ~ SHADES PRO MAKEUP:

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