Saturday, September 1, 2012

I used to be afraid to share my words but now im sharing


Yep I did, I woke up with you on my mind again…. Intense emotions triggered memories of yesterday and the day before,  it is you that know how to make me feel special all inside …it is you that can penetrate a damaged corrupt, heart, you touched me deep within saw passed all my sin, it is you who have shaped and mold me, you see me for the women I am gon’ be, wow  I get  joy each time when you call my name I’m finding myself sprinting like a doe to its father  to honor your every command, submissi-on ….no longer an issue, now aint I a woman, every pain I felt you felt always there holding my tiny fragile hands, I solely understand that I only get this one life so I am striving to get it right ….with you … you’re so true to me, I trust you, helping me to liberate my mind soul and body… yeah y’all heard me, I refuse to continue to fight against the one who love me first even before conceived at birth, you know my every worth , so now I will spend the rest of my days “chasing after you” Lord knows I need you…. scratch that ….I want you, gotta have you, can’t breathe without you, can’t live without …. Am I, making myself clear …or must I scream a lot louder,….I have a certain lust for you …I long for you, my desire is to be with you…unashamed …. You are my first love, I will remain with you, my body belongs to you ….the way you’ve love me continues to amaze me …it’s no secret it shows in my swagger, im sprung, this is that unconditional love, no need to search any further everything I need is in you, I hang on every word youve spoken every word you speak is golden…yeah its true I have a certain lust for you   … 

I must say certain b/c
Lust let’s not get it twisted we’ve taking this word lust and abused it simply replaced it with this word call Sex and misused it …..b.u.t. better understand this
L.u.s.t. {longing 4, ur, spirit, I thirst} this word: strong desire for, pleasure or delight, crave, hunger,
(desire) the Father is my desire, to be more like him and die to this wicked flesh with no regress, (Delight) I will Delight myself in the LORD and he will give me the desires of my heart, (Crave) this craving that I have he is the ultimate thirst quencher, (hunger) Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled so father continue to abide in me teaching and guiding me let me find myself in sincere fellowship with you, connected to you…. Even when I find myself lost in selfishness……i cant help it Jesus i have a certain lust jus 4 u